Sunday, 20 September 2015

Our Patholgoy Lab has solution that send patient report on his email. How does MyReportPlz is different than using email option?

Good Question. 
First of all, sending report to patient email is not a solution but a workaround because you do not have any other unified place, software or app that your customer may use to keep all their reports centralized, organized, safe and secure.

MyReportPlz is the answer to this with many benefits:
1. Reports will be delivered to patient at centralized location
2. No matter which lab patient visit, he / she will get the report in this app
3. Patient will be notified via SMS the moment report gets published
4. Report will be available forever
5. Patient may get his entire family reports on same registered number
6. Patient may create custom folders and arrange the reports
7. No tension of keeping and storing paper reports 
8. Easy Report share with doctors
9. Email feature
10. Relief from visiting Labs to collect report
11. Relief from visiting Lab for sample submission
12. Paper Saving for the Lab
13. Helping Environment with GO GREEN initiative
14. Many more.

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